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  • Regulations
  • Categories
    Please see the different entry forms for all available categories. We reserve the right to open, combine and/or divide categories depending on the number of entries received. The “official” categories will be confirmed approximately two (2) weeks before the event.
  • Music
    Any music containing profanity, and/or indecent lyrics and/or racial or sexual connotation is prohibited. We ask you to be extremely vigilant on this point. Please designate a music person for your team who will be responsible for plugging in and starting music playback. This is not the responsibility of the person in charge of the audio system. Teams must bring 2 copies of their music. Please note that we no longer accept CDs or USB sticks. We strongly recommend that you use an iPod or other device that does not use a cellular connection for your music. Using a device without a cellular connection is ideal, but if you have no other options, please follow these guidelines to avoid any interruption of your music during the performance: Use a cell phone with a headphone jack or bring your adapter. We will not provide an adapter. Remove the case from your cell phone to avoid a bad connection with the sound system. Put your cellphone on airplane mode. Download music directly to your phone and use your cell phone's audio software. Using an online service or streaming music may cause interruptions caused by a poor internet/cellular connection. Make sure your device's operating system is up to date. Please note that Kick’s Évènements is not responsible for your music problems and that in the event of a problem, there will be no resumption of the performance.
  • Duration
    For routines, please refer to the technical regulations of the Quebec Cheerleading Federation
  • Competition mat
    The competition mat is a 9-line spring floor (54 feet x 42 feet).
  • Run order
    All teams will do their routine only once. The running order will be announced two (2) weeks before the competition.
  • Run order - Worlds
    Worlds teams will perform twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday. The running order will be announced two (2) weeks before the competition.
  • Verification - Worlds
    For Worlds teams, an athlete check will be done between the two routines. A list of athletes will need to be provided to us in advance, and an exact time for verification will be given to you when you register for the competition.
  • practice circuit
    There will be a practice circuit before the routine with a warm-up area, a tumbling mat, a practice mat and a waiting area.
  • Catchers
    Teams are not allowed to use their own catchers.
  • Scores and Results
    The judges' decision is final. Results
  • Pointing Accuracy
    The score review service is available. A video recording will not necessarily be available at the competition, you will need to provide your own recording if required.
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