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See the different registration forms for all the available divisions. We reserve the right to open, combine and/or separate divisions according to the number of registrations received. “Official” divisions will be confirmed about two (2) weeks prior to the event.


All music with swear words and/or with indecent lyrics and/or with racial and sexual connotation is prohibited. Please be vigilant on this matter. Please designate one person who will be responsible to plug and to start the music for your team. It is not the sound system person responsibility. Teams must bring 2 copies of their music. Please note that we do not accept CD’s and USB keys anymore. We highly recommend using an iPod or any other music playing device without cellular connection for music playback. Avoiding using a cellular phone during performances is best, but if you have no other options please follow those guidelines in order to avoid any music disruption during your performance:

  • Use a phone with a headphone jack or bring your adapter. We will not provide adapter.
  • Take off the case in order to avoid a bad connection with the sound system.
  • Put your cellular phone on airplane mode.
  • Download the music directly to the device and play using the playback software. Using a secondary platform, online services, or streaming music can cause disruptions during playback due to bad internet/cellular connections.
  • Update the Operating System on your device.
Please note that Kick’s Évènements will not be responsible for your music failure and in case of problems, a rerun will not be permitted.


For performance, please refer to the technical regulations of Fédération de Cheerleading du Québec.

Competition mat

The competition mat is a full 9-line spring floor (54 feet wide x 42 feet deep).

Performance Order

Each non-Worlds team will perform their routine only once. The order of performance will be available two (2) weeks prior to the event.

Performance Order - Worlds

The Worlds teams will perform twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday. The order of performance will be available two (2) weeks prior to the event.

Rosters' Verification - Worlds

For the Worlds team, a rosters’ verification will be done between the two performances. We will need to receive, in advance, a roster of the athletes performing. An exact time for verification will be given to you when you register at the competition.

Pratice Circuit

There will be a practice circuit before the performance with a stretching/stunts mat, a tumbling mat, a practice mat and a waiting area.


The teams are not allowed to use their own spotters.

Scoring and Results

Judges' decisions are final. Results

Scoring Accuracy

The scoring accuracy service is available. A video replay might not be available at the competition, therefore, you may need to bring your own video if needed.

Demo teams

A demo team is a non-competitive team that wants to live the experience of performing in front of an audience. This team will not be judged, will not receive comments from the judges, no medal, banner or trophy. If an athlete gift is given during this competition, demo athletes will be entitled to it.