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Last Minutes Informations

A last minute information document, including the schedule, will be available 1 to 2 weeks prior to the event.

Coaches Informations

There will be no official coaches’ meeting but there will be an information table and volunteers that can answer your questions. You will be kept informed of all modifications.

Team Arrivals

Information to come according to public health instructions.


Athletes should not be wearing any type of jewelry (ears, belly-button, tongue, etc.) during their practice and/or their performance. We would like to remind you that it is the coaches’ responsibility to make sure that their athletes do not wear any jewelry. Deductions for jewelry (including taped jewelry) and accessories will be taken off on the competition floor.

Athletes' Section/Bleachers

Each team will have a designated area in the athletes’ bleachers to drop off their personal belongings. Please respect the seats that will be assigned to you.
Since the space in the athletes’ section is relatively small, each athlete will be allowed to bring only one sport bag. We suggest that you bring the strict minimum and that you do not bring any items of value. Kick’s Évènements will not be held responsible for missing or stolen objects.

Medical Services

There will be physiotherapists and/or doctors at the competition for the athletes’ injuries. There will be fees for regular taping. In case of an injury, the medical services will decide whether or not, the athlete can compete for the rest of the event. The medical services’ decision will be final.

Fan Zone

Information to come according to public health instructions.

Bus Driver

If the bus driver wants to assist to the competition, he has to buy a spectator ticket.


Information to come according to public health instructions.